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  • Medical Malpractice Investigations: The Serendib’s Commentary

    medical-malpractice-investigationsIt is true that not all situations involving medical malpractice end in death, but it is most likely that it leaves a person with a serious injury. Medical malpractice happens when a medical practitioner commits or omits an act that is inappropriate in their profession. It can mean prescribing wrong medications, lack of health teaching, or carrying out a procedure in a wrong manner.

    The result of medical malpractice can be termed as an accident. It is any unplanned event that halts the success of an activity and it may or may not result in injury. On the other hand, an incident is an unpredictable event that had caused potential damage. It can also be called as dangerous occurrence or near miss.

    Because of the rise of the number of medical malpractice, many private investigators have also been specializing in this field. They are hired to find out the root cause of the said accidents to prevent them from happening in the future. Because of the damage done by the omission or commission of a certain act, there are legal requirements to be fulfilled. A private investigator can determine the overall cost of the accident, the level of compliance with the safety rules and regulations, and to help in the processing of the client or the worker’s compensation claims.

    There are statutes of limitations in each medical malpractice case, depending on the state where you live in. Simply put, you have to file cases before your chances of winning it become blurred. Seeing an attorney as soon as possible is very crucial so that the medical malpractice investigation can commence.

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    As in any case, interviews are also important in medical malpractice investigation. Private detectives conduct thorough interviews. Names and addresses of all the health care providers are asked. The client should also narrate everything all the procedures that were done leading to the time the injury happened. If the medical malpractice led to the death of the patient, statements from the family and other witnesses are helpful. It is also very vital that all accounts are precise and in chronological order.

    Private investigators can also gain access to all relevant medical records including such as the doctor’s order, medication sheet, and other documentations done by the health care team. Description of the injuries and the narrative account of the cause of the injury should be included. Aside from interview from the client, family, and health care team involved in the care of the patient, the detective also seeks help from the medical experts to review the case. It enables the private investigator to gather potential arguments that can be raised against the claims of the patient who sustained the injury.

    Time is a very important element in medical malpractice investigation as it can be a length process. Also, accuracy decreases as time passes by. Death and serious injuries can never be reversed, but there has to be justice despite medical malpractice. It may never be enough, but the patient involved should still be compensated for the compromise. Great attention should be given to medical malpractice to regulate the health profession as well. Healthcare providers who have committed this act should be reminded that there work to make people well and not to harm them. Private investigators definitely play an important role in serving justice in medical malpractice.